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TESCO : digital

(w/ Prospect, 2008)

Problem: Tesco, the UK’s leading retailer, committed to reducing its carbon footprint and wanted to communicate this initiative to UK consumers.  The benefits of Tesco’s program   for in-store energy and resource conservation needed to reach a wide audience. Standard static collateral was not doing the job and a more engaging and memorable means of telling their eco-friendly story was desired.


Solution: The solution was to develop an interactive terminal with a touch screen display that would grab the attention of customers immediately upon entering the store - inspiring and entertaining, with easily navigated, punchy messages. Tesco wanted to not only demonstrate what it was doing, but also show customers what they could do at home to help reduce their own carbon footprints. The experience had to be appropriate to 8, as well as 88 year olds. A bold, colourful approach was proposed that would deliver the messages in a fun, even humorous way, while still supporting the Tesco brand. The team developed content, interface design, interactions and code in parallel, going from concept to implementation in a tight, six-week time frame. 


Impact: The interface was implemented in Tesco’s Shrewsbury location and was an immediate hit with all customers. Tesco subsequently planned to use the touchscreen as the centerpeice of the UK-wide roll-out of its eco-friendly stores.

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