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NOKIA : service

(w/ Prospect, 2007)

Problem: In 2005, Nokia invested heavily in the design of a new, global website to unify its presence throughout all its  markets. Despite developing comprehensive brand guidelines and making them available in online, soft and hard copy versions, the brand unification was falling short. Local markets continued to produce microsites and online promos that were decidedly off-brand. To combat this, Nokia needed a tangible way to embed brand understanding in all its markets. 


Solution: The team conducted a comprehensive review of the brand guidelines and reduced their nearly 300 pages to 30. The rules governing these key guidelines were then shaped into a one-day course that would be delivered directly to local markets. Tools were created in Flash to enable hands-on manipulation of brand assets to provide a more direct and tangible understanding of the brand rules. A direct connection was established between the theory of the brand and its execution in practice.   

Impact: The course brought local Nokia managers much greater understanding of their brand and how to deploy it in the most effective way possible. The hands-on experience of creation using the actual brand assets allowed managers to balance what they needed to deliver at the local level and what was expected of them from corporate. The consistent global brand expression and execution built a much stronger brand that could easily work at the international level.  

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