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NSN : digital

(w/ Prospect, 2006-09)

Problem: The networks divisions of Nokia and Siemens announced their proposed merger in September of 2006. By January of 2007, they would need to launch a new brand and a unified online presence that would position Nokia Siemens Networks as a legitimate contender for the top spot in the industry. Upon launch, the online presence would need to provide a platform for global collaboration.



Analysts had to believe from day one that NSN was able to work as a single company. NSN employees needed to be provided the framework and the online tools that would allow them to do so. The 3net strategy of internet, extranet and intranet was executed to blend two very different working cultures, align working methods and equip employees with effective productivity tools for:


• support forums

• performance monitoring

• strategy modeling

• collaboration

• tickets and orders


The online brand experience reflects NSN’s multi-sensory corporate brand, encompassing movement, sound, interaction and emotion. The interfaces are adaptive, contemporary and positive and reflect NSN’s fresh approach. The productivity tools, such as “Customer Care”enabled NSN employees to deliver on their responsibilities more easily and quickly.

Impact: The 3nets proved to be an indispensable working and marketing tool for NSN and customers alike. Over three years of collaborative work with NSN helped bring the company into a leadership position in the mobile networks sector.

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