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SILVERJET : service

(w/ Prospect, 2006 - 07)

Problem: A business class only airline start-up planning to fly between London and New York, Silverjet had no physical assets to present to the public in June of 2006. Still, they needed a website and digital communications that would allow flight bookings to commence by mid-September. An exciting brand that would give them instant credibility in a highly competitive market needed to be created in three months.


Solution: The team conceptualised key services, with an emphasis on providing customers with choice and feedback opportunities, then developed the online brand to embody these ideas. The approach was for Silverjet to “own” silver, ensuring that every touch point reinforced silver service. Finally, the concepts were adapted to the constraints of the technical back-end and made to work in just a few weeks.

In addition to the online services, such as the interactive seat selector and the interactive menu, which were all designed for maximum ease of use, the in-flight entertainment system was developed along with all digital marketing materials. Content was provided through a tie-in with Thames & Hudson's "Style City" guides. This total approach to Silverjet’s screen-based activities ensured a consistent consumer experience with a coherent, memorable brand.

Impact: Silverjet won praise from users for the simplicity, usability and elegance of its service. Bookings exceeded targets by 17%. The site was awarded Best Website from the Travolution Awards 2007. The judges said, “Silverjet showed excellent clarity throughout the navigation. The design and additional features have embraced a niche and a target market superbly.” In 2008, the site won the Best Airline Website 2008 award from Travelmole, beating out BA, Virgin, BMI and other contenders.

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