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MILTON KEYNES : strategy

(w/ Prospect, 2007)

Problem: Milton Keynes, the UK's largest and best known "new town", needed to develop a compelling (and budget conscious) experience for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, on the occasion of their one day visit to the town. Milton Keynes was seeking to be granted city status by the year 2010, and a successful royal visit would provide a big boost to their chances. 


Solution:  First, the underpinnings of the visit needed to be established with a cultural strategy for Milton Keynes. Then a narrative framework was developed that would guide the story and the day's proceedings. Research in the Milton Keynes archives yielded a rich vein of source material: the principles upon which the original town was founded in 1970. These ideals were then updated to reflect Milton Keynes' current reality and future aspirations.  Making the tangible connection between the past and the future via the six re-worked themes (Innovation, Connection, Diversity, Beauty, Participation and Sustainability) allowed compelling stories to be created in a range of media.

The day's key experience was a guided walk through a 30 meter long timeline celebrating Milton Keynes' 40th anniversary. Moving into the piazza, Her Majesty unveiled a specially designed plaque commemorating the official opening of the The Hub, Milton Keynes' new development. the royal couple were then transferred to the new 20,000 MK Dons stadium, where they were both treated to a spectacle of coordinated drama and dance by 8,000 Milton Keynes youngsters.


Impact: John Best, Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Council said, “Milton Keynes put its best foot forward today. We can all be proud of what we accomplished. I’m certain that our clear messages and flawless execution will help us in our campaign to gain city status by the year 2010.”

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