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(w/ Prospect, 2009)

Problem: Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest dealer in high quality mink pelts, needed to clarify its luxury offer in order to better target its customers and drive the exclusivity of its Purple label, the highest grade of fur available. The challenge was to establish the primacy of the Purple label with resellers as the key audience, but also excite and educate the wider public about high end fur as well. 


Solution: The solution combined analog and digital approaches. Working with resellers, workshops were conducted to collectively define the meaning of luxury for Kopenhagen Fur. A grading system was developed to evaluate furs, establishing a common language for resellers, not unlike the internationally recognized system for grading diamonds. 


The website concept used rich media and video to segment the brand into one of its four quality tiers. Each of the four colors represented a “club” that is supported with exclusive content. Social media opportunities were provided to enhance the sense of belonging and the possibility to “club climb”. Designers were also heavily featured and testimonial videos attest to the exclusivity of the brand.

Impact: The solutions raised awareness of the Kopenhagen Fur brand and the primacy of its Purple label. It brought much greater brand awareness of fur to both reseller and consumer segments. The introduction of the quality scale was an industry first and defined how fur could be objectively evaluated.  

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