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EUROSTAR : digital

(w/ Prospect, 2012)

Problem: With the opening of the Channel Tunnel to competitors, Eurostar, the sole provider of train service between the UK and continental Europe, was going to find itself in a fight for customers. To pre-empt the inevitable battle, Eurostar embarked on a comprehensive refurbishment program aimed at creating a new service and positioning itself as Europe’s preferred travel experience.  New trainsets, new branding and a new digital platform were all commissioned to ensure Eurostar's continued pre-eminence.


Solution: An intelligent homepage customisation system was designed to allow for a targeted, localized and immersive experience. Extensive destination microsites and related social media content were integrated to provide a solid community platform prioritizing user needs, driving repeat visitors and customer loyalty. The reworked booking flow ensured smooth transitions from one action to the next. By offering  transparent pricing of different ticket classes and advance bookings, the site enables customers to intuitively add travel extras and book connections to anywhere in Europe in one simple transaction.  

Impact: Eurostar's reworked digital presence is supporting its goal of increasing passenger numbers by 50%. The redesign benefits the business and customers alike through increased convenience, ease of use, speedier booking and fewer call center enquiries, ultimately increasing conversions and brand loyalty.

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