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BODUM : object

(w/ Sottsass Associati, 1988)

Problem: Bodum, the Swiss-based maker of table and kitchenware, wanted to expand its offer into electrodomestics by creating a water kettle, citrus press and egg boiler. The challenge was that they would need to rely on OEMs to maufacture the designs.  


Solution: Working between Bodum and its supplier, the designs were intentionally challenging, but still produceable. They employed a clear, formal language and the citrus press and egg boiler were conceived as a symbiotic pair, to be stacked on top of one another in a typical kitchen cabinet. Colors and finishes were intentionally "quiet" to provide a more subtle start to the day. Special attention was paid to cord management, and cords neatly tucked into bases for ease of use and a cleaner aesthetic.

Impact: Commercial agreement could not be found between Bodum and its supplier, and the project was shelved. Never the less, the designs were added to the permanent collection of the Design Museum in London.  Ultimately, Bodum reconsidered the concepts and the kettle that was the "hero" of the collection was finally introduced in 2014, albeit significantly altered in its look.

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