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ALESSI : space

(w/ Sottsass Associati, 1989)

Problem: Alessi, the high-end design object manufacturer and retailer, needed to develop an in-store retail presence in a space they did not "own" - in La Rinascente, Italy's premier department store chain. Apart from the issues of creating a space emblematic of the Alessi brand, the functional issues of stock-keeping and replenishment were paramount to address.


Solution: The foundation of the solution was the use of a low perimeter wall in which stock could be stored, topped with a bespoke display system that allowed for customization. Self-lit shelving (using silkscreened conductive ink in place of wires) ensured proper display of larger objects, while smaller objects, such as watches, got their own lockable display case. Special sub-brands (Twergi) were highlighted with bespoke displays.  

Impact: The solution reinforced the high-end, aspirational aspects of the Alessi brand, helping it to stand out in a more mid-level environment. The design provided the template for how Alessi would triple its effective retail space nationally through its relationship with La Rinascente.  

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